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Cosmic Ant

Unique Design!

  • Single Jersey, 100 % cotton (composition may differ – colour 03 – 97 % cotton, 3 % viscose, colour 12 – 85 % cotton, 15 % viscose), silicone finish
  • cut with side seams
  • narrow 1:1 rib knit neckline hem with 5 % elastane
  • inner back neckline with a shell fabric tape
  • fixing shoulder seams
  • silicone finish


The “Space Ant” t-shirt brings a unique design, featuring a shrunken boy riding on an ant. This striking image gives the impression of adventure and fantasy, as the little adventurer embarks on an amazing journey through the universe, on the back of his faithful companion – the ant. This t-shirt is a great way to express your desire for exploring the unknown and the infinity of the universe.